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Our Story

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Street Markets of Ecuador

Hello, we're the Goodwin brothers, John and Simon, and the founders of La Hacienda. Let us take you back to 1989 when it all began... We were 21 and 22 and were travelling around South America where we found ourselves in the indigenous street markets of Ecuador. While looking for some souvenirs, we stumbled upon some authentic Aztec ornaments. We loved them so much that we took some home to sell.

Peru Andes Mountains


We soon found ourselves back in South America. One evening, the sun was setting and we were winding down, warming up around a wood fired chimenea in the southern highlands of Mexico. We laughed and joked for hours on end around the fire when the idea struck! We wanted to enjoy moments like these with our friends and family back home…

“We wanted to help people make the most of their outdoor spaces throughout the year, whatever the weather.” Simon Goodwin

The La Hacienda Mission Begins

No longer would social gatherings be interrupted by the cooling of a summer evening or even a frosty chill on Bonfire Night. We knew that an outdoor fire could be the focal point of any garden party and that it would enrich moments of fun to create life long memories. And so, the La Hacienda mission had begun! From then on, we started to import traditional Mexican chimeneas for everyone to enjoy.

Up, Up, and Away

From humble beginnings operating from the bedroom of our family home, we continued on our mission. With amazing support from every single customer, the range expanded to include firepits, outdoor ovens and décor. Our team also grew; we now operate from a huge ex aircraft hangar on a picturesque Cotswolds airfield.

“La Hacienda products are now available worldwide spreading warmth and happiness across the globe." John Goodwin

Spreading the warmth

With such great demand in the UK for the La Hacienda experience, we gained customers far and wide and began to spread warmth and happiness as far as Australia and New Zealand.

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In 2017 the AMES Group of Companies acquired La Hacienda from John and Simon with a vision to expand the company further across the UK and Worldwide. The mission remains exactly the same... To spread warmth and happiness to each and every one of you.