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Outdoor Heating and Cooking

Browse our alfresco heating and cooking products designed to enhance outdoor living. Whether you want to chill out in the warmth of a real wood fire or cook an alfresco feast for family and friends, there is something for everyone.

Sorry, there are no products that match those criteria.
Tana Dark Grey Large
Tana Light Grey Grill
Tana Stone Effect Medium
Barola Chimenea
Osiris Firebasket
Anubis Firebasket
Moho Firepit
Kuda Medium Firepit
Elda Firepit
Adjustable Standing Heater Copper
Adjustable Standing Heater Silver
Hanging Mushroom Heater Silver
Hanging Mushroom Heater Copper
Hanging Heater Silver
Salona Pizza Oven
Premium Firepit Cover
Premium Chimenea Cover
Swallows Globe
Leaves Globe
Albion Firepit
Boston Firepit
Explorer Firepit
New for 2019
Brava Firepit
Moresque Firepit
Wildfire Firepit
Katori Firepit
Brooklyn Firepit
Tripod with Hanging Grill
Pittsburgh Firepits
New for 2019
Icarus Medium
Kala Firepit
Fasa Firepit
Ochiba Firepit
Dragon Fire Globe
Stonehurst Fireplace
Monaco Firepit
Barcelona Firepit
New for 2019
Copenhagen Firepit
Mykonos Firepit
Delos firepit
Minnesota Firebasket
Cesta Firebasket
Nami Firebasket
Vancouver Firebasket
New for 2019
Kora Perforated Firebasket
New for 2019
Santana Perforated Fireplace
New for 2019
Camacha Perforated Fireplace
BBQ Pizza Oven
Squat Chimenea
Leon Chimeneas
Murcia Chimeneas
Sierra Chimeneas
Circo Chimenea
Skyline Chimenea
Colorado Chimeneas
Mesh Colorado Chimeneas
Spanish Scroll Chimenea
Essentials Chimenea
Madeira Log Store
Flicker Flame
Grey Standing Quartz Heater
Grey Hanging Carbon Fibre Heater
New for 2019
Tauri Portable Tower Heater
Tower Heater with Speaker
New for 2019
Vintage Searchlight Heater
Silver Tabletop Halogen Electric Heater
Copper Tabletop Halogen Electric Heater
Heatmaster Slimline Electric Heater
Heatmaster Popular Electric Heater
15m Weatherproof Extension Lead