Ready prepared Firepit Fuel for a hassle-free wood burning session. We provide two types of wood fuel for your wood-fired La Hacienda product.

La Hacienda Easylogs are smokeless wood briquettes suitable for use with open fires and chimeneas. Easylogs are 1KG blocks made of recycled wood particles bound by wax. Easy to light and use, they are environmentally friendly. Simply light both ends of the wrapper.

Ideal for use in chimeneas, wood stoves and open fires. One log burns for up to two hours.

La Hacienda Heatblox are made from 100% recycled sawdust, taking the effort out of keeping your fire fuelled. Safe, clean and easy to use, each one burns with a high heat output that produces no spitting or sparks.

Note: These logs are not suitable for barbecues or if you plan to cook food over the flame.

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Easylog Features

  • Instant light
  • Clean and easy to use
  • For a safe and simple fire
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Burns for up to two hours
  • Place Easylog inside your firepit or chimenea and simply light the bag and leave

Heatblox Features

  • 100% recycled waste sawdust
  • Long burn with high heat output
  • No spitting
  • Ultra-low smoke due to low moisture content
  • Clean and easy to use and store
  • Can be used with kindling or firelighters to assist lighting

Easylogs Codes: 

  • 60064 Box of 15 Easylogs
  • 60065 Bag of 5 Easylogs

Heatblox Code: 

  • 60059 Pack of 12 HeatBlox