Parma ham
Trimmed asparagus
Olive oil


These asparagus parma ham spears are tasty appetisers for your outdoor summer evening soiree. Make your guests hungry for more with these delicious tasters…

To begin, build a fire in your chimenea or firepit. Let the heat rise and the flames die down. Use hardwood such as oak, pear, cherry or hickory; these will add extra flavour!

While the wood fire heats up, toss the asparagus parma ham spears in a bowl with salt, pepper and a small amount of oil until well covered.  Wrap a slice of parma ham around each asparagus spear, working your way from the top down. Cover most of the spear, leaving enough room at the bottom to pick up. Repeat the process until all asparagus spears are wrapped.

67030 Circles chimenea

Perfect for outdoor gatherings

Next, place the asparagus on the grill, turning frequently until the parma ham is crisp and looking a little like cooked bacon. This should take just a couple of minutes to cook through.

Serve up to your group of hungry guests immediately and enjoy before the main feast!

TIP! Remember, if there are particular herbs and spices you love with parma ham and asparagus, add them to the salt and pepper mix at the beginning! You can also add cheese, using the parma ham to secure the cheese inside!