Whole blanched almonds
Dates – stoned
Thin bacon rashers
Olive oil


These devils on horseback bites make a really quick and easy toasted treat ideal for cooking outside over the real wood fire. The sweet and salty combination of the bacon and dates work together harmoniously, tantalising your tastebuds!

To begin, make a fire in your firepit or chimenea. Let the heat build and the flames die down.

While the fire is heating up, prepare the devils. Ensure that the dates are stoned or pitted so that the dates are stoned or pitted so that you can stuff an almond inside.

Season the stuffed date by rubbing it in salt. Then, wrap the date in a bacon rasher and slide onto a toasting fork or skewer.

Hold the Devil over the heat of the wood fire and toast until the bacon is nice and crispy. If you have a cooking grill, you can place the devils on this, turning frequently to avoid burning.

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When they’re crispy and hot, take them off the heat and pop them onto a serving board with sprigs of rosemary.

Sit back, nibble and enjoy this great snack along with the warmth and flickering flames from your firepit or chimenea.

TIP! Fancy chopping and changing the ingredients? Swap the almond for a chunk of your favourite cheese, or even a dollop of mango chutney and prunes can used instead of dates.