Roasting potatoes
Fresh crushed garlic
Fresh rosemary
Olive oil


These Hassleback potatoes are a tasty treat cooked to perfection in our Treviso pizza oven. If you’re looking for some barbecue ideas, these really are the ticket as they’re simple to make and simply delicious. We should probably warn you, though… Your guests will crave more!

So, to begin, you’ll need to decide if you’re a skin-on or skin-off kind of person. We went for skin on…

Finished deliberating? Great, let’s go.

Build a fire in your outdoor oven and let the heat build while you prep the Hassleback potatoes.

Cut slim slits into the potatoes all the way along ensuring that you do not cut all the way through. You want them to remain joined underneath and then you can fill them with your favourite extras! We’ve gone for garlic and rosemary this time. (Parmesan and garlic is also a killer combination!)

Once you’ve sliced all the potatoes into frilling Hassleback potatoes, drizzle over olive oil and rub salt and pepper into the slits and into the skin. Then, do the same with the garlic and rosemary.

Place the Hassleback potatoes onto a large roasting tray and place into your outdoor oven once it is up to temperature.

Roast until soft and crispy, remove, serve straight away and enjoy the wood smoked flavours in these barbecue Hassleback potatoes. YUM!