300ml tepid water
500g 00 flour is best
1 tsp salt
7g instant yeast

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This homemade pizza dough is an easy recipe that is perfect for your homemade pizzas.

Please note that you will have to make the dough at least several hours before creating your pizzas, or simply make the dough the day before.

We’ve used 00 flour for this recipe as this flour is finely ground and has a lower gluten content than most flours, giving your dough enough stretch.

To make your homemade pizza dough, pour the flour into a bowl and add the salt and yeast to opposite sides of the bowl.

Then, add the water then mix until the dough starts to come together. The dough may seem a bit wet, but don’t worry!  It will come together when kneading. You’ll need to knead your dough for about 15 minutes. It will become harder to work after about 5, so stick at it and it will come together perfectly!

Take the mixture out of the bowl and place on a board lightly dusted with flour. Knead the homemade pizza dough until it becomes elastic and place in a bowl. Cover with cling film or a damp tea towel then place in a warm dry place. Leave for several hours or overnight, allowing time for the dough to rise.

When your homemade pizza dough has doubled in size, it’s ready to use!