Northern Dough Co Pizza
dough - Rosemary & Thyme
1 x tin sweetcorn – drained
Pepperoni slices
Black olives


This Minion pizza idea is great for the kids. It will really get them involved in the cooking and is a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday lunchtime.

Get your pizza oven fired up. While it’s getting up to temperature, roll out the dough. Dust a clean surface with semolina or flour as this will prevent your base from sticking, making it easy to slide into the oven.  Your base needs to be about 0.5cm thick so that it cooks to complete perfection. We strongly recommend the Northern Dough Co’s amazing homemade dough. It’s the best dough and tastes sensational when cooked in a pizza oven.

When you’re happy with the thickness and shape of your base, pinch the edges to create a crust. This helps to keep your toppings from sliding off and makes it easier to pick up and eat!

Begin creating your minion starting with the eyes, using mozzarella to create large circles. Slice the olives to outline the eyes then add a pupil to the centre. Cover the rest of the minion in sweetcorn and cheese. Cut the pepperoni slices in half and cover the bottom half of the minions body then use one half a pepperoni slice for the mouth.

Place your Minion pizza into the oven when it’s up to temperature. Turn your minion frequently to ensure that it doesn’t burn.

Remove from the oven, serve, slice and enjoy.

TIP! Throw a pizza party for your child’s birthday!

Please ensure that all children are supervised at all times around barbecues and pizza ovens.