8 mint leaves
1-2 tsp sugar
1 large lime
15ml simple syrup
Soda water


This mocktail mojito is perfect for a dry January or a sober October! Infused with mint and lime and sweetened with simple syrup, dry months don’t have to be boring!

To make the mocktail mojito, place the mint in the bottom of a tall glass then add the sugar (make sure you remove the leaves from the stems otherwise this could give the drink a bitter taste). The rough texture of the sugar granules can help to release mint flavours when mixing it up. Gently press the mint leaves with a spoon against the side of the glass. Be careful that you do not crush or shred the leaves as bitter flavours could be released from the veins.

Next, add simple syrup to sweeten the mocktail mojito and then add freshly squeezed lime juice.

Let the ingredients sit for a short while so that the flavours can intermingle.

Fill the glass 3/4 with ice and then add the soda water.

Finish with a straw, and of course, a comfy chair!

TIP! Don’t forget, you can switch the soda water for ginger ale or lemon and lime soda!